Portrait of Klaus Friedrich Buttschardt, Rechtsanwalt / attorney-at-law, Ravensburg, Germany

to the web site of Klaus Friedrich Buttschardt, attorney-at-law, formerly state prosecutor and judge, Ravensburg / south Germany – at your service.

Qualified and dependable information, reliable cooperation.

Our law office is based in Ravensburg, south Germany, near the border to Austria and Switzerland, federal state of Baden-Württemberg, also serving Bavaria.

Any penal law cases and professional defense, offenses and traffic cases.

Civil law, contractual, torts, intellectual property, speciality technological issues, accidents, commercial liabilites.

Very good command of english, US / GB shared values.

Please note: Legal formation and training limited to the german and continental (roman) law tradition; no formation in common law. Legal service in cases governed by german / european union law only.


Aktuelle Info: Ich nehme keine neuen Mandate mehr an. Vielen Dank an alle Mandantinnen und Mandanten für Ihr Vertrauen und die angenehme und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.